Cheesy Love

If you didn’t know, there is a new restaurant on Grand River that has opened up this past summer. It is called Sweet Loraine’s Fabulous Mac and Cheese. This place is as good as it sounds. They have a variety of pasta dishes as well as other foods. When I went, I got the Green Pesto Mac and it was delicious and to match, prices were just right!  Plus who doesn’t love pasta? This is just one more great place my friends and i can check off our  list and will definitely be going back for more.

Crunchy’s and Karaoke

This week my roommates and I left the typical bar scene of Harpers and Ricks to try Crunchy’s for the first time. If you have never been there, it should be among your list of places to visit. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is karaoke night filled with endless possibilities for songs. My friends and I took it old school and brought back the Spice Girls. I highly recommend trying Crunchy’s, they offer many different events from trivia night, live music and fundraisers.

Welcome Blog

East Lansing has a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars. With so many in the area, many people may not have tried or ventured out to try new things.  Because we are in our senior year, my roommates and I have made a vow to try a variety of restaurants and bars at least once in East Lansing before we graduate. As any other college student, we will be focusing on places that are cost sufficient and places other students would consider trying. I will then blog about our experiences and rate the positives and negatives of a place so students can know where to have the most fun while at State.